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The Happy Little Yogi Game was developed to create a peaceful activity for bedtime and a more active game for during the day. Therefore, you have two games in one, Sleepy Spirals and Day Time Spirals.

The aim of the games is to start with your counter on the outside edge of the spiral and work your way into the middle with each throw of the dice.

Sleepy Spirals: the dice indicates how many deep breathes you need to take.

Daytime Spirals: includes two dice: one for the amount of time set and the other a picture dice, which will indicate whether you do a yoga pose, chant OM, talk about what makes you happy or your favourite breathing exercise.

The two come together to create a fun, relaxed game for children whether it is for night-time or daytime.


£17.90 - Light Wood



£17.90 - Dark Wood