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The aroma Stream diffuser is a safe, child friendly diffuser, with no need for water to be added. Oils are added to the pad included, which plugs into the base of the diffuser allowing the aroma to circulate into your living space.

  • Includes 1 pad, plus extra pads can be purchased.
  • Distributes the scent of essential oils.
  • May be used with essential oils, or essential oil blends
  • Can be left safely running day or night.
  • Clean, effective and very economical.
  • Avoids the use of naked flames, water or oil burners

The pad can last for in excess of two years. We recommend two pads, one for citrus oils and one for roots, leaves, and flowers.



£24.95 (Diffuser with 1 essential oil pad)



£1.95 (Extra essential oil pad)