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Mainstream/Special Needs/Disability &

Neurological Offerings


Happy Little Yogi supports schools in Herts & Beds with After-School Clubs, Day-time interventions, wellbeing days and tailor made options that can be beneficial in a school setting.


Yoga brings a wonderful foundation to children’s lives, as it empowers them to deal with life’s challenges resourcefully. Yoga teaches them to breathe, regulate their emotions and learn to listen mindfully to their body. Happy Little Yogi provides each child with the physical exercise they need, improving their co-ordination and flexibility while balancing their nervous system through effective use of breathing. Children learn to create some calm in their lives, to feel good about themselves, to become more healthy, confident and happy individuals.


How can Happy Little Yogi provide for your school:

·       An afterschool club/lunchtime club. 

·       A health & wellbeing day. Offering a class to each year group during their working day.

·       A weekly or termly visit to school, providing a regular class for children, for them to become more familiar with all aspects of yoga, from the

        asanas to meditation.

·       Yoga recordings. We currently have three themes: Rainbow colours, The Elements and Plants, each theme offering 6 classes on each subject.

        Price available on request.

·       Happy Little Yogi in the classroom. Offering small five/seven-minute recordings, which can be used for morning focus, after lunch calm and yoga

        poses that can be done at the child’s desk,  all providing a focus for the classroom and learning.

 ·      1-1 / Small group yoga therapy classes.


Our Special Needs/Disability & Neurological Offering:


Our Special Needs/Disability and Neurological Offering

       Within the schools that we support the joy and laughter that yoga and meditation can bring to a child is phenomenal. 


       Body connection through creative yoga and movement encourages each child whatever their ability to build on their physical strength, co-ordination and flexibility.


       If a child is not able to support themselves, floor work is key and relaxation of the body through rhythm and sound work helps to create a positive mind and relaxed body. Sound vibrations penetrates to the essence of one's being, creating a beautiful, relaxed and happy space for each child to be fully present in.


       Sensory magic, in the form of rainbow waves, sound vibrations, massage, and pressure point therapy all add to the holistic experience, along with meditation and mindfulness.


       Our aim is for Happy Little Yogi to reach as many schools as possible in the form of lunch and/or after-school clubs, or as a tailor made class to meet your needs. We also offer training for teachers who wish to integrate some short mindfulness/yoga sessions into the school day, making it part of the children’s daily routine.


       Now, more than ever, after the global pandemic the need for teaching our children the tools to help them cope with stress, anxiety and improve their mental health is greater than ever and I believe that yoga & meditation can achieve that.


If you would like to arrange a taster session or discuss any of the options above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please contact us to discuss how Happy Little Yogi can best support your school.