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Happy Little Yogi Teacher Training - Building My Confidence


Sat Nam little yogis! It is sharing time :) 


There is nothing that enriches one’s vision and practical knowledge than learning from those that are veterans on the journey of self-discovery and that have already started to harvest the fruits of experience.


The Happy Little Yogi Course created such an atmosphere– of learning, playing, sharing, that space for one to create for the group yet to integrate and maintain the personal ‘bubble’.


Time passed so quickly – and the atmosphere created was one of warmth, playfulness and conscious learning. Because teaching adults is one thing, where teaching children is a completely different story, one was facing the immediate need to let go of the rigidity and need for structure/correction.


During these 4 days we have learned to embrace the joy of playing, of having that ‘conscious fun’ while jumping and pretending the floor was hot, imagining stories and eventually integrate the poses in an engaging and fluid way.


We all learned about the importance of themes during classes – and how to not overdo, what to consider with certain postures and what to avoid as well, how to keep the little ones present and what to do when things get out of control. Jane took us through how a class should be structured (yet always with a plan b at hand!) from the warm-up part till the closing/ relaxing one in the end.


Because what makes a happy yogi really happy?


The fact that a child can first release all the surplus energy, then ground and center while chanting, and dancing. Doing poses and imitate animals, listen to stories and chant; clap, close the eyes and imagine flying over and seeing extraordinary things. Finally, sending love and feeling that love throughout the body.


Games, stories, songs, essential oils, breathing techniques and crystals – well – these are just a few of the instruments that encourages a child to learn, be curious and experiment – eventually follow with a routine and there you go! You have got their attention!


I believe that what I took home after this course was first and foremost a more empowered attitude, I understood that by using my creativity I can do so much, that I could make the classes engaging, fun and inspiring for the little ones.


I became more confident about teaching, I think I even changed my approach about it. I don’t consider it a teaching experience anymore but rather a sharing, a facilitation process. It is honestly more difficult to keep a child interested in the class than an adult and although previously I was skeptical and feared that I might fail, I soon learned that I was wrong. I love it!


Jane has helped me see that things don’t have to necessarily be perfect – that the whole teaching is a process, something you build together and where failure can sometimes mean a step ahead, a change in perspective or maybe one dance away to success. Really grateful for it! :D


Sat Nam!  


Article written by Alexandra Haliciu

'Sa Ta Na Ma' Meditation
When it comes to taming our mind, there are plenty of techniques we have at our disposal. This modern life has brought a lot of blessings but also sufficient pains and stress that at times become even a source of disease. It is so easy to get caught in old monkey mind. 
Just by turning off all the devices, get some space to be on our own in a moment of silence - and we will see that our mind is cluttered with ideas, fears, questions and projections that never end. It is like watching a movie. 
One of the Kundalini practices that could be a great instrument for you and your children, that could induce emotional calmness, clarity and clear the subconscious thought patters is the ‘Sa Ta Na Ma meditation’.
It comes from the Sat Nam mantra - which is one of the oldest mantras - meaning my true essence. Sa Ta Na MA means ‘truth is my identity’. It can be practiced anywhere, even at work, school, or in the bus. You can repeat the mantra around, in a whispering tone, or even in your mind. 
If you can be seated in a crossed leg seated pose, bring your hands in Gyan Mudra and chant the mantra as you press the thumb of each hand with firm pressure into index, middle, ring and pinky finger. The mantra changes in turn with the mudra. ‘Sa’ represents Jupiter and infinite possibilities, ‘Ta’ represents Saturn and creative power, ‘Na’,  the ring finger is the Sun hence transformation and vitality and finally the pinky finger represents Mercury and rebirth. 
Each meridian point of each finger creates a balance in the brain and the sounds radiate in the crown chakra, activate the pineal and pituitary gland and reach out to the point between the eyebrows. 
The practice can be accompanied by visualizations of golden light tha embracing your body and that you can share with the world. The children could imagine that they are transformed into a mythical animal they connect with most, and fill themselves with light and joy. 
After a couple of minutes repeating the mantra, end the practice with three deep breaths, lift your arms up and shake them thoroughly to integrate the energy in your body and release that surplus to the world. Practice whenever you feel you need to cultivate calmness and space.
See the video below if you want to practice with Jane!

Celebrating 12 Years of Happy Little Yogi!

Dear yogis! I am pleased to announce that this year Happy Little Yogi has turned 12! 


These past years were full of playful activities, festivals, and public displays, making it fun and engaging for both the children as well as for the parents that accompanied them.


Founded and developed by Jane Oppegaard, Happy Little Yogi is providing classes to children as well as teenagers. The groups are divided in three - Happy Little Yogi Tots for 2-4years old, Happy Little Yogis for 4-11years old, and Happy Yogi Teens for +12yrs. Happy Little Yogi also offers classes for the experience yoga teachers that want to take their practice to the next level, as well as for those of you that are just at the beginning of your yoga path.


Through playful activities, learning how to breathe correctly, observing physical sensations, practicing balance and work toward better flexibility, children learn how to develop a deeper awareness of their own inner space, connect with their body, as well as build a more loving relationship with themselves. 

Twelve years of yoga is a solid ground and is meaningful especially in uncertain times like these. Of course, due to the pandemic the program cannot run as it should, however even so, your yoga practice can continue virtually (and practically speaking – at home) by visiting the videos and workshops available online.


It is now that we should find equilibrium through a still mind and focus on a constant practice. The rewards for those that will do so will be tremendous.


We cannot wait to get back on the mat, together, in our happy little yogi circle - and share our intakes gathered throughout this period of change. 


Below, find a review including some lovely thoughts from Reverend Ruth:
"Hi Jane! Hope you are well. I thought you'd like to know - I talked about you at my curriculum meeting with governors. They were very interested in who you are and what you do for BBF (Barley & Barkway VA Church of England First Schools). I shared with them the water videos and the sa ta na ma chant on YouTube you did. They were blown away by it they didn't realize what we are offering the children through you. You have inspired the Reverend Ruth to introduce chants into her daily worship and the collective worship school assemblies she has discovered these Taize chants. Anyway they are all now your big fan too as they should be. ❤️"